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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Anticipating Halloween QUESTIONS

In my twenties, I used to dress up for Halloween. While I might pull out my Frankenstein mask now and then - I REALLY can't breathe in that thing - I've lost my All Hallows Eve mojo.

But this year, the child is going to need an escort for her trick-or-treating; her costume is a ballet dress that lights up - I might just surprise myself by dressing

All I want to know:

Are you dressing up for Halloween? As what?
Are you going to a party, or parties?
Are you going trick or treating? Do you have a child to provide you cover?
Top 10 Spooky Buildings
My friend Fred Hembeck's comic icon, Soupy Sales, died this week. One of the many things Fred taught me about Soupy is that he was a Motown artist. Really. And some of the songs, as Fred noted, weren't half bad.
A suitable tribute for Soupy.
Scott from Scooter Chronicles answers my questions.
I've seen this a couple places on the Internet already: the octogenarian war vet's impassioned plea for gay rights.



Uthaclena said...

Ah Soupy! one of my childhood heroes! Live, on monochromatic television! His songs: "The Mouse!" "The Soupy Shuffle!" "Puchaluffaka!"

As for Samhain garb (what the heathen call 'Halloween'), I'm going as one-eyed Odin, the gallows-god.

jay said...

I don't do Halloween. We just don't really celebrate it in England, though the young kids these days are beginning to, it simply wasn't part of my childhood or my childrens' childhoods. I don't get it. I do put up a banner on my site though, under pressure from my American members. LOL!

Soupy? Again, he's passed me by. Sorry to hear he's gone though.