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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Information QUESTION

I was reading the Wall Street Journal a couple weeks ago, and they reported that betting line and most of the "experts" predicted that Chicago would get the 2016 Olympics; you know how THAT worked out.

My question, then, is: What are your sources of information that you most trust? It might well be different sources for different info.

For instance, I find Advertising Age to be a remarkably good gauge of the fall television season, not so much what will be good as much as what the advertisers will be likely to buy into, which may have to quality. the shows they picked to click (Glee, Modern Family, The Good Wife) showed up on many lists as did their losers (Brothers, the already canceled The Beautiful Life). The point is that, year in and year out, they've been reliable.

Bill Flanagan of MTV has an occasional segment on CBS Sunday Morning where he recommends albums. There hasn't been one I have purchased that I did not enjoy. This includes albums by Lizz Wright, Randy Newman, Mudcrutch, and Levon Helm, plus an album of Nashville blues.

I used to love to watch Roger Ebert with Richard Roeper or the late Gene Siskel, and he, interacting with his cohort, always gave me a good gauge as to whether I would like a movie. I didn't always like what he liked - he had his blind spots - but I always knew WHY he liked it and it informed my viewing. Actually, now I am more affected by Ebert's pronouncements on non-movie topics such as alcoholism, death and racism.

When Chicago was up for the Olympics, I had had my doubts about it. So I was happy that Gordon confirmed my feelings; all things Chicago, I tend to listen to Gordon. Likewise, the American expat Arthur's insights, especially on New Zealand politics, are generally my gauge. And there are a bunch more: Johnny Bacardi on Elton John music, Jaquandor on movie music, etc., etc.

Who are your guides?
My reaction to Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize was epitomized in the title of something on saw at Common Dreams: now earn it!



Scott said...

I used to read the reviews of Mike Duffy from the Detroit Free Press about TV shows. I found myself always agreeing with his assessments, therefore eventually totally trusted him.

My brother-in-law David when it comes to books, as well as a few other bloggers about books.

I find myself trusting, and enjoying, what Mike Wilbon of PTI has to say about sports. And Barry Larkin on the MLB Network.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Wow! I've never been included among guides before—thanks!!

I actually don't have any specific guides anymore, but I tend to pay attention to new books or music I hear about in reviews on TV. Apart from that, it'll be some Internet source or other.

It's surprised me, but I realised recently that my news guide—NOT source—has become Twitter. Someone in some part of the world will Tweet a headline, and I go off to confirm it at mainstream news sites. That also tells me what story or issue is capturing some people's attention.

I bet in another year I may well give other answers.