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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

L is for Lydia

Lydia was an Iron Age kingdom of western Asia Minor, now part of modern Turkey. Its population spoke an Anatolian language in the Indo-European language family known as Lydian, which became extinct in the first century BC. Coins were invented in Lydia around 610 BC.

Lydia was also a rich businesswoman of Thyatira in modern Greece, who appears in the Biblical book of Acts. She housed the apostle Paul and his colleagues. Ah, that money linkage.

The church that I went to as a child in Binghamton, NY, Trinity AME Zion, was two very short blocks away, down Gaines Street over Oak Street, to the corner of Oak and Lydia. On weekdays, I would walk down Lydia, zigzag five more short blocks to my school, Daniel S. Dickinson.

Yet none of that, save for the vague recollection about the New Testament woman, was consciously in my mind when we decided to name our daughter Lydia five and a half years ago.

Here are pics from her first two and a quarter years; the last picture was developed 6 July 2006. Some of the earlier pics I never used in the blog before.

And a more recent shot, from her fourth birthday party:



anthonynorth said...

Some lovely pics there. Lydia is all about enterprise, and I think the name lives on :-)

Mara said...

What a beautiful head of hair she has!
The only place I know the name Lydia from is from the book 'Pride and Prejudice': she is the youngest sister who elopes with the dastardly Mr Wickham!

Rose said...

Interesting info about the name Lydia, but the photos of your daughter stole the show here. What a cutie! It's obvious you're a very proud papa.

Sylvia K said...

Very interesting post, but Rose is right, your adorable daughter steals the "Lydia" show! Delightful!

Have a great day!


Janie said...

Lovely to learn about the land of Lydia and the Lady Lydia, but it is the little living lassie Lydia who is the most loveable.

Reader Wil said...

Your daughter is the loveliest and most adorable Lydia, I know!!
Two years ago we were in Greece with a group of members of our church. And we went to the place where Lydia,a seller of purple, was baptized by Paul. There is a chapel near this place dedicated to Lydia and to Paul.
Great post Roger!

Greg said...

Lydia, of course, is also the tattooed lady.

Excellent pix.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for sharing the lovely Lydia's pictures.

Lydia De Vega came to my mind- she was the fastest athlete in asia in 1980s.

jabblog said...

What a lovely child - you are truly blessed. It's interesting to reflect on the influences that have affected choices in naming our babes. Nothing that has gone before is wasted though it might not be recognised immediately.

Shoshana said...

Lovely, lovely baby...and her hair, that's my favorite. I've always longed for curly hair. :)

Joy said...

Lovely Lydia. Love that one in the hat and Laundry basket. But then they are all cute.

Irene said...

Hi Roger, It's an unexpected intro to your daughter and I enjoyed the pics a lot and seeing how she grew up in your house. Thanks for making this so personal.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Isn't Lydia lovely and she also looks like she may be quite a character.

I have a neighbour named Lydia. It's such a nice name!

Dragonstar said...

Lydia is a beautiful name, and your daughter is a beautiful young lady. She looks to be full of character, too.
Thanks for visiting.

Jennifer Bowen said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I love her hair. Lydia is a great name, very sophisticated.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it. =)